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Landmark White Paper Of World’s 101 Most Significant Purposeful Companies

Taking inspiration from 101 global companies, Revolt explores how to turn Purpose from theory to practice in seven steps.

Most CEOs believe their company needs to adopt a broader measure of success, with Purpose that North Star. But the reality has yet to catch up with the ambitions. A sizeable Purpose Gap exists between what employees and consumers seek and what they perceive to be today’s reality.

Should we be surprised? Whilst we can seen overburdened by the evidence stressing the importance of Purpose, very little commentary actually concentrates on how to make it happen beyond a range of sweeping principles.

This landmark white paper of 101 of the world’s most significant companies changes that. By looking at how the most successful are embedding, activating and amplifying their Purpose a new Purpose Playbook has emerged.

For HR, it’s the opportunity to move beyond employee compliance to employee engagement. For Corporate Affairs, it’s the opportunity to move from risk management to reputation building. For marketing, it’s the opportunity to move from having a campaign to having an impact.

The seven-step framework at the heart of the paper is built on rigorous analysis and practical suggestions. Purpose is primarily concerned with plotting the future, then working back to build what’s needed to get there. But it also provides a rudder that sets a clear direction, regardless of where the wind may blow.

Naturally its true value has become more apparent than ever in the COVID-19 crisis. There’s little doubt that companies who understand how to build from their Purpose will recover quicker in the years ahead. And the Purpose Gap shows business leaders what they really need to make Purpose operational.

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