Causes That Count Index 2021 – Revolt

Causes That Count Index 2021

The 50 issues that matter most to people this year

We surveyed 1600 people across the US, UK, China and Brazil to find out how much they cared about a range of issues affecting their lives.

The Index

We worked with research company Attest to ask 1600 people across 4 markets to tell us which issues they found to be the most important to them. Split into two parts, we asked for unprompted answers to the question, before prompting them with 50 predefined issues.

These prompted issues were ranked on a scale of 5 from ‘one of the most important’ to ‘not important at all’ - each response was assigned a corresponding value to create total scores for each issue, as follows:

Response Value
Unprompted answer 7
One of the most important 5
Important 3
Somewhat important 1
Not that important -3
Not important at all -5

We have presented a topline breakdown of the data at global and market level, as well as total scores, in the table below. However, if you’d like to read our analysis and its implications for brands, we have compiled our findings into a 30 page PDF report, available at the bottom of this page.


Understanding what matters

To help interpret the data, our report takes a closer look at each issue and how various factors could have led to its global rank, starting from #50. To support the learnings from these findings, we have also peppered in analysis per market, key themes for 2021 and what we can expect in 2022.

Insights have included:
  • 44% of people globally felt climate change was one of the most important issues even in the midst of a global pandemic.
  • China was the only country where natural disaster relief and prevention just made it into the top 10 issues for our respondents - indicative of a difficult year for their physical environment.
  • Pre-Biden administration, 50% of US respondents thought ‘government transparency and threats to democracy’ was one of the most important issues, compared to just 29% of UK respondents.
  • For the two markets where gun ownership is legal, crime, violence and gun control ranked #4 in Brazil, but only sat at #15 most important in the US.

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