CASA Home – Revolt


Fighting for a world where everybody can thrive at home. 

CASA Home is the first new brand to be created from scratch as part of our new ventures partnership with JKR. The partnership recognises the integral relationship between purpose and distinctiveness to create successful, future-proof brands – a philosophy shared by our CASA Home collaborators, Reckitt.

Leveraging the home fragrance expertise of Reckitt and the growing market of essential oils-driven fragrance, CASA Home was developed from a single question: how can we bring a more meaningful experience to the home fragrance category at a time where home has never been more important? 

The answer was a mission-driven brand built to help everyone thrive at home. We developed fragrance formulas to address the post-pandemic demands of home to be a space in which you must work, work out, sleep, play, and relax – each fragrance scientifically developed to enhance focus and creativity, relieve stress and create calm, or boost energy. 

Most importantly, with our nonprofit partners, A Sense Of Home, we were able to create a business model that fights back against the rising issue of hidden homelessness across the U.S – a situation faced by so many homeless Americans who are provided with a form of permanent or semi-permanent shelter, but lack the support and means to live safely and happily within it. 

Every CASA Home purchase helps to transform one of these sheltered spaces into a place to call home every week.

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