Department for Opportunities – Revolt

Department for Opportunities

Fighting for a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities, with the Social Mobility Foundation.

The better off are nearly 80% more likely to end up in professional jobs than those from a working-class background. Even when people from disadvantaged backgrounds land a professional job, they earn 17% less than their privileged colleagues.

Introducing the Department for Opportunities [DO] – a new movement from the Social Mobility Foundation. DO is here to fight the UK’s entrenched social mobility problem and to ensure those who can make a difference, do make a difference within their sphere of influence.

The Social Mobility Foundation [SMF] are a credited charity, supporting high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds into competitive universities and professions.

Despite all their great work, tirelessly fighting to give young people more opportunities and to even the playing field, the masses are unaware of the issue they have been trying to fix. Our first fight was employers, as out-dated hiring policies are a huge barrier to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds landing a professional career or entering certain industries.

Our campaign “CVs Aren’t Working” showcased young people who have faced barriers to social mobility and challenged employers to use alternative hiring policies to eliminate unconscious bias.

“The UK is facing a social mobility crisis and we need those who can make a difference, to make a difference. Unconscious bias continues to disadvantage those from certain backgrounds which, in turn, compounds the problem – contributing to an endless cycle of society favouring those who are more fortunate. CVs lie at the root of this problem, and recruitment processes remain stuck in the past.”

Alan Milburn, Trustee of the Social Mobility Foundation