End Laptop Poverty – Revolt

End Laptop Poverty

Fighting for a world where all young people have the tech they need to access an education.

In Autumn 2020, Revolt unearthed the shocking stat that 1.78m children in the UK did not have a laptop from which to do their schoolwork. This was a problem prior to Covid – devices are needed for homework too – but homeschooling during the pandemic meant these young people had no access to education. 

Awareness of this issue was low, so Revolt set about developing a brand to encourage the general public to donate their old devices – an estimated 40m unused in the UK. 

We brought together a network of charities who were already refurbishing old laptops but received only sporadic donations, under the “End Laptop Poverty” banner, and directed people to give to their local charity via our website

We then partnered with the Department for Opportunities, who lobbied their corporate partners to donate, and sent an open letter with ally MPs to the government about the issue, published by ITV and The Guardian. When Lockdown 3 hit, we pushed our campaign further with national OOH, a partnership with Joe Media, and projecting our message directly onto the Houses of Parliament.

To date, 1,107 laptops have been donated to young people in need, leading to a predicted increase of £100,000 in lifetime earnings for each of them now they can access their education.