Evergrain – Revolt


Fighting for a world where circularity is the norm and waste is a thing of the past. 

The brewing process creates huge amounts of spent grain, barley husks which contain enormous amounts of protein and fibre. This nutrient-dense material is full of potential, but until recently was simply going to waste.

Enter Evergrain, a new ingredients company from AB InBev, Revolt helped to develop. Transforming barley saved grains into world-class food and drink ingredients is not only enabling new kinds of protein and fibre-rich products for the company but also tackling some the world’s thorniest nutrition problems head-on.

We positioned Evergrain as a disruptive force in an ingredients market that can be cold and scientific. With circularity at its core, here was a brand built to realise the potential in everything. Ever evolving. Ever revolving. Ever seeking. Ever striving.

Partnering with JKR London, this notion of circularity was rooted in the brand’s values, name, visual identity and product portfolio as it embarked on its twin quests against waste and malnutrition.