Force For Nature – Revolt

Force For Nature

Fighting for a world in which we support, equip and celebrate nature’s fiercest allies: Rangers.

Rangers are at nature’s cutting edge, protecting our societies as well as our planet. Connecting, empowering, training and equipping these Rangers is the simplest, most elegant lever we can pull to nurture biodiversity, sustain precious ecosystems, prevent zoonotic disease and mitigate climate change.


Force For Nature is a global movement of wildlife Rangers working together to keep the most beautiful and vulnerable parts of our world pristine. They are building a global network of Rangers, both on the ground and online via their app.

By 2030, FFN aims to have 1 million professional wildlife Rangers on the ground, protecting the world’s pristine places from exploitation, deforestation, poaching and desertification. At a stroke turning a global aspiration into a real and manageable task.

We believe that business has a critical role in supporting Rangers. Through innovative partnerships which support Rangers through Force For Nature, brands have access to Rangers around the world for bespoke content, local storytelling opportunities and measurable impact. This opportunity comes with a number of benefits for brands, including stakeholder management and employee and consumer engagement.

To create this movement and enable partnerships with brands, Revolt worked with FFN from the very beginning to design its purpose, its brand identity, and its business proposition. The brand is rooted in showing the world through the eyes of a Ranger – representing the belief that “the solution is human”. This concept lent itself to the viewfinder lock-up weaved through the brand, showing the magnificence of the natural world we’re fighting to protect – which in turn, protects humanity.

“Partnering with Revolt has allowed Force For Nature to deliver meaningful environmental impact at scale. Through intelligent and creative strategy and design, Revolt developed the vision into a story with a powerful emotional look and feel. But the partnership didn’t stop there. They continue to develop the brand and optimise its power, so that we can more effectively deliver our messages and build partnerships to make a real difference. In short we love Revolt!”

– Jamie McCallum, Founder at Force For Nature