Lifewtr: Life Unseen – Revolt

Lifewtr: Life Unseen

Fighting for a world where underrepresented artists are
seen in culture 

The PepsiCo water brand LIFEWTR believes creativity should flow like water. But unfortunately, for years diverse creators have been denied the platform they deserve to have their work seen, limiting the artwork we see in culture. 

Introducing Life Unseen, a campaign which fights for fair representation in the arts, highlighting the inequalities that currently exist. 

We started by sourcing and working with our research partners, QSIDE, on the industry’s biggest study of representation in fashion, music, art and film to date. 


Then, to show how we can tackle the issue, we commissioned 20 artists representing those unseen to create new pieces of art, which now provide 20 new bottles for the brand. The campaign was also underpinned by funding to underrepresented artists and a mentorship program that includes sessions from Hollywood actor, writer and producer Issa Rae.

Since its launch in April, the campaign has generated an estimated 3.8 billion impressions already – raising awareness of the issue and making previously unseen artists seen in culture.

“If you don’t see people who look like you, it’s hard for you to aspire to be them. When unseen artists are seen, it inspires the next generation of creators.”

– Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio
PepsiCo Beverages North America