Mars: #HereToBeHeard – Revolt

Mars: #HereToBeHeard

Fighting for a world where women can reach their full potential

Mars is fighting for a world where society is inclusive. Driven by their Purpose, ‘the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today’, Mars launched a gender-focused platform named “Full Potential” in 2020. This action-led program is designed to support women across their workforce, their supply chain as well as their consumers.

To amplify the impact of the program in 2021, we launched the #HereToBeHeard campaign. Our insight was that too often in business, gender focused programs are designed with a small group of women in mind: usually privileged, often white, and almost always straight women. Which is why we decided with Mars that instead of presuming what needs to change for all women to be able to reach their full potential, we would ask women at all intersections of society, and listen to what they have to say.

This audio-led, social, digital & Spotify campaign launched across the US, UK & Mexico reaching over 329.8M people, achieving 84.9% positive sentiment and contributing to a significant increase in corporate reputation across the three key markets. We worked hard to ensure we heard from a truly intersectional and representative group of women through a highly targeted media plan. 


Through the campaign, women were directed to a digital hub to anonymously answer the question “What needs to change so more women can reach their full potential?”, whilst providing as much demographic data as possible and as appropriate per market. To date, we’ve heard from over 10,000 voices from women across 88 markets, gaining invaluable insights, ideas and stories about their own experiences and what they feel needs to change in the world for us to achieve a gender inclusive society. 

In partnership with Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and Business for Social Responsibility, we are analysing every voice to understand what needs to change to create a more gender inclusive society. These will be summarised in a public-facing report in Q4 2021 with key insights and recommended actions. This report will not only inform future action at Mars, but will be shared with individuals, peers and business alike, to maximise impact in taking action for a world where all women can achieve their full potential.