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The Gut Stuff: London, how do you poo?

Fighting for a world where discussing gut health is no longer a taboo

The Gut Stuff is a health and wellness brand fighting to democratise gut health. The biggest barrier to this goal? The taboo of talking about poo. 

But The Gut Stuff hasn’t become a trailblazing brand without breaking a few rules. So we decided to smash through this one to raise awareness at street level.

The result was a hyperlocal out-of-home bus stop campaign that caught the attention of London during lockdown, inspired by the Bristol Stool Chart medical aid.



Over the course of a few weeks, we drove huge awareness of The Gut Stuff and gut health. The Gut Stuff’s website shot up in traffic, and their store of Shopify saw an increased revenue.

But more importantly, it started a conversation about gut health – our objective right from the start. The Gut Stuff were featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard, Sky News, and Jon Richardson’s podcast. All said and done, this localised out-of-home campaign generated earned media into the millions of impressions.

And what really matters? People on their daily walks or cycles got in touch to say it put a smile on their face. Because even for a second, it made them giggle and think about their guts.