Field Reports

Insights and expertise on global issues

With change comes opportunity, once you know where to look. Explore what tomorrow might hold for some of the biggest issues we face today.

A Manual For Action Leadership In COVID-19

There's no time for thought leadership. Respond. Relieve. Rebuild.

A Flashpoint For The Global LGBTQ+ Movement

Here we reflect on the history of the LGBTQ+ movement to imagine where it might go next and what role brands should play in its next era.

Purpose Pays Back

Proving the power of Purpose for business and beyond.

The Dawn Of The Climate Emergency

Temperature's rising... Take a look at what the climate emergency, before and after 2030, could present for brands.

How Brands Grow Through Purpose

In this report, we’ll explore how Purpose can accelerate the three principles underpinning how brands grow: reach a mass audience, rouse emotion through your marketing and remain front of mind through your branding.

Breaking Up With Plastic

Using some of the most interesting developments happening today, this report paints a picture of what the post-plastic era could bring.

The Future Of Beauty

A million faces or one? Two futures are presented before us in the world of beauty. It is in our power to choose which we want.

Sustainability In Luxury Fashion

This field report explores how luxury can become a force of sustainability activism.