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Respond, Relieve, Rebuild

Action Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helping our clients and partners change the world has been our mission from day one, but the COVID-19 crisis has made the need for business to step up even more acute. 62% of people think brands will play a critical role in addressing the challenges in order to make it through COVID-19.

We agree, and we’ve pulled together a manual to help brands take action. It starts with understanding where we are in the crisis. Once we know how our audience is feeling, we can establish how to meet their needs. And as we pass through the three phases of the pandemic these emotions are evolving. Brands can RESPOND to society’s critical needs, RELIEVE people from the repercussions of lockdown and put the foundations in place to REBUILD a better world, once the worst has passed.

For your actions to have maximum impact and integrity, they need to align with where your brand can credibly play a role. COVID-19 isn’t simply a medical crisis – the ripple effects extend far and wide, and as our manual shows many brands are better placed taking action away from the front lines.

To read the report, please head to our Field Reports page or click here.

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