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Step-by-step guides

Our toolkits might be one of the most comprehensive step-by-step guides to help you fight your fight - built for businesses and organisations to kickstart your Purpose journey. There are five segments, these include: Building belief, Finding purpose, Taking action, Making noise and Measurement tools. Share the tools with your team and use them to get started, build the momentum and make sure your fight is as tight and impactful as possible.

Finding Purpose: Question Everything

A rapid fire exploration of your brand, your audience, the world and yourself.

Finding Purpose: Listen & Learn

You can learn a huge amount about your brand and company by listening to other stakeholders. Some will build your confidence, others will questions it. But fear not; the insights you can uncover will be key in developing your Purpose through action.

Finding Purpose: The Fight Thesaurus

Once you have a sense of what you stand for or against, how you express that Purpose can have a significant bearing on how people relate to it. This exercise helps explore different language to do that.

Building Belief: The Power of Purpose

A crib sheet to help you build the business case for Purpose.

Taking Action: Action Planner

Once you know what you’re trying to change, you need to work out what it will take to do that. This means combining strategy (the objective) with creativity (the invitation) to build a distinctive and compelling action.

Making Noise: Publicity Calendar

Use the calendar to activate your Purpose across the year, making use of the key moments consumers will identify most.

Making Noise: Find Your Feeling

Deciding which emotions to harness for the purposes of your fight.

Measuring Impact: Impact Of Investment (IOI)

Measuring the impact of your actions is essential to show your Purpose in action, to build loyalty and trust with customers, and to make sure you’re never greenwashing.

Measuring Impact: Key Purpose Impacts

Making sure your purpose campaign has maximum, world changing impact.