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Field Reports

With change comes opportunity, once you know where to look. Explore what tomorrow might hold for some of the biggest issues we face today.

Causes That Count: 2022

We surveyed 2000 people across the USA, UK, China and Brazil to find out how much they cared about a range of issues affecting their lives. In its second year, this report details the results of the survey through the Index and analysis of our findings.

Disposable to Consumer

A report exploring the innovation landscape in the direct-to-consumer market and how brands can leverage purpose to stand out in an increasingly saturated space.

Brighter Than You Think

A report that flips negative narratives about the future, to show how pervasive attitudes amongst younger generations suggest it might be brighter than we think.

Bridging The Gap

Taking inspiration from 101 global companies, we explore how to turn Purpose from theory to practice in seven steps.

Fight Finder

Einstein once said that if he had an hour to save the world, he’s spend 59 minutes working out what the problem was. Click below to start exploring the world’s to-do list.

If you care about The Planet then consider how Resource Usage needs to improve by leaning into  

Inclusivity is about ensuring everyone is treated as equals with empathy and respect.

You might fight for discriminated groups such as people with disabilities or mental health issues where accessibility, representation, and understanding are still battles to work on. The rise of Islamophobia and treatment of minority faiths also shows that religious understanding is a growing need. The way forward requires us to address assimilation vs amalgamation of cultural groups, immigration and racial prejudices.

Despite great strides within LGBT+ rights, attitudes towards sexuality are not universally as progressive, whilst attitudes towards transgender and intersex people still lag behind. Leaning into inclusivity might also mean addressing specific behaviours. Most overtly, minority groups suffer bullying and harassment because they are often misunderstood and frequently don’t receive necessary support. But indirect discrimination also requires its own distinct revolutionaries.

So get in touch and find out how we can create change against any one of these issues. You pick your battle and we’ll help you fight it.

Let's start a revolution today


Exercises and tools that help you and your teams put our theory into action.

Finding Purpose: The Fight Thesaurus

Once you have a sense of what you stand for or against, how you express that Purpose can have a significant bearing on how people relate to it. This exercise helps explore different language to do that.

Building Belief: The Power of Purpose

A crib sheet to help you build the business case for Purpose.

Making Noise: Publicity Calendar

Use the calendar to activate your Purpose across the year, making use of the key moments consumers will identify most.

Measuring Impact: Key Purpose Impacts

Making sure your purpose campaign has maximum, world changing impact.

Revolt Presents

Revolt Presents is our webinar series. We host panel discussions and workshops focused on different fights. Follow us on social for upcoming announcements.

Bridging The Gap Webinar

Most CEOs believe their company needs to adopt a broader measure of success, with Purpose that North Star. But the reality has yet to catch up with the ambitions. A sizeable ‘Purpose Gap' exists between what employees and consumers seek and what they perceive to be today’s reality.

Pride Webinar

Here we reflect on the history of the LGBTQ+ movement to imagine where it might go next and what role brands should play in its next era.

Open Revolt

The most revealing insights and the boldest solutions are rarely found in ivory towers. Open Revolt is a very different approach to research fuelled by a network of activists, academics, change-makers, researchers and more. Find out how to join our community, or explore how your brand could benefit from their thinking.