A website helping others find their fight – Revolt

A website helping others find their fight

In the last three years, Revolt has been tackling fights affecting people, the environment and society with our clients and partners.

We believe that everyone can make a difference and can be an activist in their own right. Even if the change we make is small, every drop can create a wave. Which is why we’ve created a host of tools and resources to help to achieve that goal.

Here’s a list of what you can find on our brand new Tools page:

Field Reports

Our field reports delve into specific issues to spark your movement and guide your creative thinking. Explore the impact of the climate crisis on businesses in our Temperature’s Rising report, or how beauty is being redefined in the media industry with our Future of Beauty report.

Fight Finder

Understanding the fight within the fight can be important when it comes to creating change. Our tool helps you explore these by digging deeper into different categories. As you complete the sentence, you’ll unlock a further breakdown, sparking new insights and relevant content. See how to use it below.


Our toolkits present some of the tools we use to helps businesses and organisations kickstart their Purpose journey. Each is built around one of five categories: Building belief, Finding purpose, Taking action, Making noise and Measurement.

Open Revolt (coming soon)

Open Revolt is a network of activists and experts who are already making waves in today’s society. Tackling issues from period poverty and ageism to the impact of climate change in indigenous communities. Stay tuned for further updates.

Revolt Presents

Our webinars and community events. We have hosted a number of panel discussions and workshops focused on different fights. Expect further opportunities to speak with the Revolt team, hear from an inspiring selection of guests, and walk away with practical inspiration and tools to take action. To find out more, email: alexw@revoltlondon.com

If you have any questions about any of our tools, or would like to discuss how your Purpose can be taken to the next level, email: hello@revoltlondon.co.uk

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