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Leveraging the infrastructure of existing Aptamil platforms across the world, we launched a new always on service to support new parents in their final stages of pregnancy and early days of parenthood. Where physical visits and essential expertise were lacking, we filled the gap with a virtual network of doulas, midwives, health experts, pregnancy advisers, lactation and feeding experts and nutritionists. Ensuring no parent was left alone and no child was left hindered in their earliest moments.
All new parents rely on a host of people to support them before, during and after the birth of their child. But the onset of Covid prevented those people – families, to midwives and  expert health care practitioners – from being there.

Our solution was for Aptamil to step in with crucial support throughout the crisis. Through Aptaclub, Aptamil linked parents with a range of experts to provide support and answer their worries about pregnancy and parenting during the early days of the Covid pandemic. 
Live in 6 Markets in 14 Days.
Now established as an ongoing programme for the brand.
We won Silver in The Creative Business Transformation Lions by turning the most famous renewably brewed beer into a renewable energy provider.
The way we power our world has to change with energy supply accounting for 35% of global emissions. That’s why Budweiser committed to brewing 100% of its beers with renewable electricity by 2025. When it became clear we would achieve this goal ahead of schedule, we knew we needed to do more. How could we use our influence with a hospitality industry where up to 90% of the electricity still comes from non-renewable sources?
We needed to convince the managers of those venues to make the switch. Our research highlighted that these bars wanted to reduce their impact on the planet, but the renewable energy tariffs that were available to them were more expensive than their existing deals. 

We knew that if bars could buy renewable energy at the scale of Budweiser than it would dramatically lower the cost, overcoming the key barrier to renewable electricity uptake and making the switch to renewable open to all.
Introducing The Budweiser Energy Collective. A new business model that leverages the scale of Budweiser to secure renewable energy at hugely discounted prices, before passing those savings onto our partners who help to drive the physical availability of our brand.

For the first time in our 146 year history, Budweiser isn’t just helping bars serve great tasting beer; we’re helping them run on greener electricity too. 
Prevented 810,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to removing 675,000 cars off the road.
$1.5m already saved in energy bills, with $30m of savings expected by 2025.
1.8bn media impressions, with 460m true impressions.
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