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Mar 02, 2023
Alex Lewis
The Gut Stuff creates ‘farting billboard’ to break wind taboo
The Gut Stuff, the company on a mission to democratise gut health for everyone, has launched an OOH campaign that’s breaking new ground – or rather wind – to help people get over taboos and start talking about gut health.
Science behind The Gut Stuff
Lisa Macfarlane, Co-founder of The Gut Stuff with identical twin sister Alana, said: “With the science now linking gut health to immunity, sleep, mental health and so much more, gut health affects everyone yet we’re often still too shy to talk about it or seek help.

“Let’s break those taboos and encourage people to get to know their gut.”

One in four of us in the UK have digestive issues (NHS), and 23% of us admit we would be too embarrassed to seek medical help for a gut issue (Bupa).

Knowing that scientists are starting to discover that good gut health can lead to better health outcomes, Lisa and Alana have been on a mission to get people talking about this.

The Gut Stuff grabbed attention with its ‘How do you poo?’ campaign, and the twins are now presenters on Channel 4’s prime time series ‘Know Your Sh!t’.

Peter Revolt, Co-founder of Revolt, said: “The Gut Stuff is a brand built on breaking taboos and farting is one of those, so what better way to remind people while they are eating!

For The Gut Stuff, purpose pays back by having the ambition to get everyone – not just the middle classes – to understand about gut health.”

‘Get loud about gut health’ will run for two weeks, driving people to thegutstuff.com where they will find a wealth of helpful information about gut health.

The outdoor activity will also be supported by social media.
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