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The Diana Award
The hard-hitting fake back-to-school campaign that captured national attention.
Revolt Labs
Create The Space by Common Goal
Creating an environment within the game where everyone can express themselves.
Revolt Labs
Heinz: Picture a World
Art has been used for centuries to reflect the world around us. So we borrowed an iconic Vincent van Gogh painting to raise awareness of global soil degradation and what Heinz are doing to help.
Activist Agency
Life WTR
Tackling representation gaps in the creative arts through a distinctive activation platform.
Activist Agency
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Einstein once said that if he had an hour to save the world, he’s spend 59 minutes working out what the problem was. Click below to start exploring the world’s to-do list.
If you care about People then consider how Equality needs to improve by leaning into •••
Age discrimination is about ensuring everyone is treated as equals with empathy and respect.
You might fight for discriminated groups such as people with disabilities or mental health issues where accessibility, representation, and understanding are still battles to work on.

The rise of Islamophobia and treatment of minority faiths also shows that religious understanding is a growing need. The way forward requires us to address assimilation vs amalgamation of cultural groups, immigration and racial prejudices.

Despite great strides within LGBT+ rights, attitudes towards sexuality are not universally as progressive, whilst attitudes towards transgender and intersex people still lag behind.

Leaning into inclusivity might also mean addressing specific behaviours. Most overtly, minority groups suffer bullying and harassment because they are often misunderstood and frequently don’t receive necessary support. But indirect discrimination also requires its own distinct revolutionaries.

So get in touch and find out how we can create change against any one of these issues. You pick your battle and we’ll help you fight it.
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