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Apr 24, 2024
Esme Smith
On the Record: April 2024
Welcome back to On the Record – our monthly roundup of all things Purpose
This Spring, a new strategy for marketing effectiveness has bloomed: our latest report and webinar, Accounting For Impact. There are growth opportunities for brands who properly measure and communicate their positive impact. Learn from best in class examples below, and join our webinar to hear more about the Revolt approach to purpose measured properly.
In purpose, Tony’s Chocolonely’s reporting makes chocolate inequity digestible.
Tony’s Chocolonely is a textbook example of a brand reaping the financial rewards of accounting for impact, with over €150.2million in revenue in 2022/23.

Several aspects of the brand’s latest impact report make it standout. Tony’s is brutally transparent about the number of issues it has identified in its own supply chain, and the means with which the company’s business model will tackle them. Secondly, the brand’s FAIR report is not only about them. The report documents the allies Tony’s intends to recruit to end exploitation in chocolate. It’s a great way to acknowledge that tough problems are best solved together.

As a piece of consumer facing comms, it is unmistakably Tony’s: rebellious copy, beautiful photo art and a charge-leading tone of voice. This educational, on-brand impact report deepens trust with the consumer and future-proofs the brand.

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In innovation, Hellmann’s uses data to drive next gen solutions.
To help deliver Hellmann’s brand action platform “Make Taste, Not Waste,” the brand investigated the financial cost of food waste to persuade consumers of its importance to the environment and their bank accounts.

Hellmann’s found 1 in 3 people throw away the equivalent of one shopping bag of food per week, despite food waste costing families approximately £780 per year. Part of the research found that many people aren’t able to see or imagine what meals to make when a fridge is full of ingredients (AKA “fridge blindness”.)

Enter Hellmann’s “Meal Reveal;” an AI powered app eliminating food waste. People scan ingredients in their fridge with their phone and are served recipe ideas to match those ingredients. By rooting environmental cost in financial cost, accounting for impact can not only dial up the relevance of your fight but directly inform the solutions.

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In activism, Oatly makes a cold, hard number provocative.
Oat milk icon Oatly has never shied away from provocative comms, and its latest endeavour used impact reporting as the vehicle for change. 

Its Dairy Deal campaign not only showcased the carbon footprint calculation found on every Oatly product, but asked its nemesis (the dairy industry) to do the same on its milk bottles. Oatly even offered them free ad space to present it, ranging from Reddit live streams to national radio slots. This, alongside the accessible breakdown of its carbon calculation, feeds into the brand’s radically transparent image. 

The key takeaway: impact accounting doesn’t have to be endless spreadsheets, complicated analysis or jargon filled sentences. The job and opportunity ahead for marketers is to translate accurately sourced, well analysed data to consumers in a way that will resonate and build brand equity.

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The Next Revolution…Accounting for Impact!   
Brand growth and meaningful impact, the perfect combination. Fine in theory, but how can we know if we’re really delivering? Failure to measure and communicate purpose is resulting in missed growth opportunities for brands.

In the era of prolific purpose, investment decisions are made and awards are won and lost on the assumption that a brand’s impact is ‘valuable,’ without actually being quantifiable or comparable across brands, industries, or award submissions.

Not only does this fail to hold brands to account, but it leaves the door open for purpose-washing.

At Revolt, we know that purpose deserves to be measured properly. Accounting for impact is a way to demonstrate real returns on investment that come from helping people and planet, making brand purpose budgets resistant to cultural and economic shifts.

Read the report now and discover the next frontier of marketing effectiveness.

To read the full report Accounting for Impact, click here

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