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Jan 10, 2024
Alex Lewis & Peter Bardell
Revolt merges with Anthesis
We’re pleased to announce that Revolt is merging with Anthesis, the largest group of dedicated sustainability professionals globally.
We founded Revolt seven years ago on the belief that the Purpose Transformation sweeping through business and brands would be just as significant as the digital one that preceded it. We sought to work with those leaders that recognised that the era of sustainable impact is within reach, and who were pivoting their business towards profitably solving the problems of people and the planet without profiting from creating them.
Today, this urgency is only accelerating, driven by the key megatrends of demographic change, the sustainability crisis and increased ESG scrutiny. We’re seeing sustainability move from start up to scale up. It’s no longer a topic on the fringes moved forward by the passion of individuals and small teams; it’s a business priority integrated to the core.
But this journey of transformation is difficult to navigate. 47% of sustainability change efforts fail (as opposed to 20% of all change efforts). The complexity and enigma of sustainability can be challenging, and the traditional consultancy and agency model is weakening clients’ capacity to adapt.
Fundamentally, we see the need to bridge the gap between the impact actions our clients are investing in and the value they could drive from them. Too many ESG investments fail to pay back with audiences. Too much communication is greenwashing in the absence of credible, scalable ESG impact. And too few initiatives are integrating the business actions with the branded application that ensures they endure.
In joining Anthesis, we believe there is a unique solution that truly sits at the intersection of sustainability and creativity to deliver impact that’s connected, credible and effective. Anthesis brings together 1300+ experts in 23 countries, to serve clients across their sustainability needs. Their teams combine broad and deep sustainability expertise with the commercial capabilities it takes to turn that into real change.
Aligned as B-Corps, the collective force of Revolt and Anthesis will activate and guide clients from the broken and unsustainable models of the old era, beyond a purely compliance agenda and mindset, and towards purposeful, sustainable value creation opportunities. 
In getting to know each other’s businesses, we’ve found that we are two kindred spirits, united by a commitment to sustainable impact and the urgent action we need to deliver it. Together, we believe nobody is better placed to guide clients towards sustainable performance, through a journey that is science based, solution driven and purpose led.
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