Mars – Revolt


Fighting for a world where corporates think in generations not quarters.

It’s increasingly recognised that the solutions our world needs aren’t simply going to come from political will. Business must leverage its influence to play a central role. Indeed, 93% of people believe that companies should be positively impacting society.

Defining and living by a true Purpose is seen as the solution to this. But too often these translate into lots of lofty rhetoric and very little action.

Mars are different. As a family owned business they have the financial freedom to invest over the long term on the issues where they want to make a difference. Whether that’s reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in lock step with the Paris Agreement or working towards a living wage for smallholder farmers in their supply chain.

But bold visions like this mean nothing without action. The new Mars Purpose recognised that whilst they think in generations, it’s just as important to act each and every day. And ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’ became a mantra to guide decision making across the company.

Our work began from the inside out. The Purpose was translated into a new visual identity which was used to inspire and guide each and every one of Mars’ 125,000 associates to act on it. These actions building powerful stories. These stories are building a powerful reputation for this $36billion company.