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Many outdoor brands gravitate straight to the ‘Great Outdoors’ – mountain tops, secluded forests and cliff faces. But Merrell exists to share the simple power of the outdoors with everyone, whether that’s a city park or a mountain peak. 

Our sustainability platform demonstrated that even when it is the outdoors just outside your front door, nature is all of our home. It nurtures us, inspires us and heals us, making our lives happier and healthier.
We shared Merrell’s commitment for every product to contain recycled, organic or renewable materials by 2023. And launched ReTread, the brand’s dedicated recycle and resell programme that gives their shoes the chance of a second life, keeping them out of landfill. 
This Is Home was a rallying cry to take care of the natural spaces we call ours. 

Through film, social and a new design system, our audience could see that everyone can protect their home.
463% uptick in traffic to Merrell’s sustainability landing page.
$2.65m dollars of sustainable products sold following launch.
628 million media impressions.
We were approached by a progressive new start-up on a mission to revolutionise the construction industry with a game-changing new building material.

We knew we had to create a brand that captured the huge positive potential of this material in a way that was as disruptive as the technology itself.
We positioned Partanna as the antidote to the construction industry suffocating the planet, developing an ownable brand purpose that transforms the problem into part of the solution. Our narrative – Building A World That Breathes – positioned Partanna as the pioneer of an entirely new “Gray Carbon” vertical, sitting alongside our blue oceans and green forests.
The brand, visual identity and customer experience we created reflected the notion of breathing. From a distinct font that breathes in and out, to the creation of a carbon credit currency that grows with every breath the building takes.

We launched the brand at COP27 through a partnership with The Bahamas, a country taking the toll of the climate crisis, where Partanna are building the first carbon negative housing community for those who need it most.
Global media coverage from CNN Business, CNBC, The Guardian and leading industry titles such as Construction News.
In the absence of new news, our challenge was to demonstrate and raise awareness of Mars’ unwavering commitment to science-based targets that keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C.
Rather than a corporate announcement, we launched an invitation. Pledge to the Planet encouraged associates, suppliers, influencers and consumers to make their own commitment to the world. 

Our bold mural from celebrated artist Steven Harrington brought to life what this vision of tomorrow could look like. Hosted around the corner from the UN, this optimistic vision of tomorrow leapt into feeds and front pages everywhere.
The mural fuelled social content that drove consumers and influencers to sign the pledge on mars.com. With the help of other Mars partners, we shared the Pledge from the inside out. Soon our invitation appeared everywhere from internal comms to Buzzfeed to the M&Ms store on Times Square.
An ongoing platform for action for Mars’ 22,000 suppliers.
With 642 million impressions it was biggest Mars earned media story of the year.
The Billington Group is a diverse family-run business in the food and agriculture sector. They also own several much loved consumer-facing brands such as ‘Very Lazy’ and ‘Glorious Soup’.

We worked with The Billington Group to lay the foundations for a powerful purpose platform, with a clear expression of who they are and why they exist.

Our aim was to unite their varied business and capture their keen sense of doing good.
We brought the purpose to life with a visual identity whereby each ‘building block’ represents a unique element of the business, with colours inspired by their fresh produce.
The identity was launched with assets that celebrated the new purpose and values to the whole business—ensuring each subsidiary had a clear understanding and the right brand assets to communicate them.
2000+ employees are aware, engaged and purpose-driven with over 90% of the company within six months.
The microbiomes in our stomach have been called our second brain. And we’re only just scratching the surface of how important gut health is – effecting everything from how we respond to illness, to our mental and emotional health. But too often this important science is dry and inaccessible. Or, worse, it’s hijacked by charlatans intent on flogging the latest fad diet. The world needed a brand to change all this. We were brought on as an early stage partner to help build and grow it.
To democratise the knowledge on the microbiome and empower gut health in everyone meant creating a brand that could speak on terms everyone could understand, rather than feeling excluded from. 

The Gut Stuff provided this platform. Spearheaded by influencers Lisa and Alana we began by building a community that could provide content to educate and empower our audience. 
A best-selling book, B2B workshops and social-first content all helped grow the movement. So that by the time we launched our first consumer products, we had a community readily waiting for our solutions. This was a brand prepared to break the rules. We tackled the taboo of talking about poo, with a hyper-local outdoor campaign that got the nation discussing their digestion. Localised advertising hit the streets, and then the headlines. Supported by podcast appearances and more conversation driving content.
Increased traffic to our website by 263% year on year.
4 products in three major retailers in 12 months.
£10 million PR return from a £10k campaign investment
In recent years, International Women’s Day has become increasingly cluttered. Through a wave of roundtables and soundbites, brands’ activity has started to become homogeneous. Our challenge was to create a programme for Mars that would cut through with actions that spoke louder than this noise.
#HereToBeHeard was an audio-led crowdsourcing campaign recognising that too often gender focused programs are framed by a limited number of voices. Instead of presuming what needs to change, we asked women at all intersections of society. In just three months, over 10,000 unheard voices from 88 countries responded. 

Our partnership with Oxford University analysed every voice. The scale of our research provided rigour, the humanity of our voices provided emotion. Deeply personal perspectives called for systemic change from employers, governments, communities and men, to break down the barriers they faced.

The results were shared in a landmark report in consultation with the Unstereotype Alliance, CARE and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. It contained recommended actions businesses could take, and the policies and actions at Mars that were already implementing to unlock new opportunities for women.
Launched across the US, UK & Mexico reaching over 330M total impressions, more than double our target.
811 earned pieces of media coverage including Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg.
Over 10,000 women’s voices responded to the question, including one thousand from Mars Associates.
84.9% positive sentiment and a significant increase in corporate reputation across the three key markets.
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