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Black Lives Matter
Fighting for a world where Black lives have, and will always matter.
The unlawful killing of George Floyd sparked protests across the globe in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. But with the threat of COVID-19 hanging over us, many people were unable to attend out of fear of contracting or passing on the virus.
Black Lives Matter wanted everyone to be able to show their support for the movement, and rally with those on the ground. Our solution was to create one of the world’s largest ever virtual protests.

The Zoom demonstration reached a total of 4 million people worldwide, providing them with educational resources and offering a platform to essential black voices from grassroots organisations throughout the day.
We treated the event as an opportunity to educate people further about anti-racism. Featuring footage live from the protests, educational materials and speeches from grassroots organisations and activists, including Black Lives Matter, George The Poet, BLKOUTUK, Mama Youth Project and Dope Black Dads.
4 million people from 23 countries attended the virtual protest.
Winner of The Drum’s Social Purpose Awards.
Grassroots organisations featured saw an increase in enquiries.
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