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Common Goal
Creating one of the most iconic new charities of the past 20 years.
Revolt Labs
The beautiful game stands alone in its wealth and influence. It’s our global language. Our universal religion. So what if that could be channelled towards using the game as a force for positive social change?

Common Goal seeks to change the game for good. Players, managers, fans and even clubs pledge 1% of their salary or revenue to programmes that use football as a vehicle for change. It’s the game’s chance to give back to a world that has given it so much.
We didn’t just give the movement an identity – we provided a symbol of belonging so that players, fans or organisations alike could show they are part of the movement once they sign up to this unique ’second club’.
Before long, World Cup winners Juan Mata and Matt Hummels were donning our new kit, and gamers could do the same by wearing it in the Fifa video game.
The brand has shown up through a constant stream of social announcements, player visits to the communities they’ve helped and long-form content. Jugen Klopp even used his Fifa Manager of Year acceptance speech to announce he’d signed up.
Raised over $4m towards football for good projects around the world.
1.2 billion media impressions.
Over 1000 players in the team and counting.
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