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Create The Space by Common Goal
Creating an environment within the game where everyone can express themselves.
Revolt Labs
Create the Space is a coalition created by Common Goal to talk about mental health. We want to create an environment within the game where everyone can express themselves. Enabling football to become a platform to improve mental health outside the game, while improving the culture and support within the game itself.
The visual system is informed by the positional play football teams take during a match. The formation teams take up to tackle different states of a game. The logotype is reflective of this range of motions, taking form in varying states, representing different aspects of mental health.
These formations are utilised as a secondary asset across content, acting as a reminder to the game and brand without the need for the logo mark to always be present.
Our colour palette represents the entire game, from grassroots to elite level. The navy blue of moonlit training sessions in winter, the attentive yellow of the stadium crew and the concrete white all represent authentic moments within football on and off the pitch.
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