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Fighting the UK’s entrenched social mobility problem with an exciting new brand.
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The Social Mobility Foundation are a credited charity, supporting high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds into competitive universities and professions. Whilst the enjoyed good awareness amongst employers, they needed a new vehicle to run mass awareness and advocacy campaigns around the issues that act as a barrier to social mobility.
We created a new advocacy arm, the Department for Opportunities with the DO acronym underpinning our determined spirit to create change.

This fresh new brand could speak to both corporates and young people alike. We developed the brand, look and feel and key assets such as a website, with the SMF team.
To launch, DO leant into one of the key issues – the out-dated CV policies of many employers that were a huge barrier to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds entering certain industries.
Our ‘CVs Aren’t Working’ campaign challenged employers to use alternative hiring policies to eliminate this unconscious bias. Awareness drove corporate employers to toolkits that could improve their hiring processes.
Campaign reached 800k people organically on social media.
A 1,400% increase in followers on social media.
Covered by articles in national press, including The Times, The Telegraph and the Evening Standard.
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