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Mars – Here to be Heard
Building profile through gender in an increasingly cluttered category.
In recent years, International Women’s Day has become increasingly cluttered. Through a wave of roundtables and soundbites, brands’ activity has started to become homogeneous. Our challenge was to create a programme for Mars that would cut through with actions that spoke louder than this noise.
#HereToBeHeard was an audio-led crowdsourcing campaign recognising that too often gender focused programs are framed by a limited number of voices. Instead of presuming what needs to change, we asked women at all intersections of society. In just three months, over 10,000 unheard voices from 88 countries responded. 

Our partnership with Oxford University analysed every voice. The scale of our research provided rigour, the humanity of our voices provided emotion. Deeply personal perspectives called for systemic change from employers, governments, communities and men, to break down the barriers they faced.

The results were shared in a landmark report in consultation with the Unstereotype Alliance, CARE and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. It contained recommended actions businesses could take, and the policies and actions at Mars that were already implementing to unlock new opportunities for women.
Launched across the US, UK & Mexico reaching over 330M total impressions, more than double our target.
811 earned pieces of media coverage including Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg.
Over 10,000 women’s voices responded to the question, including one thousand from Mars Associates.
84.9% positive sentiment and a significant increase in corporate reputation across the three key markets.
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