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Creating a new carbon vertical to sit alongside our forests and our seas.
We were approached by a progressive new start-up on a mission to revolutionise the construction industry with a game-changing new building material.

We knew we had to create a brand that captured the huge positive potential of this material in a way that was as disruptive as the technology itself.
We positioned Partanna as the antidote to the construction industry suffocating the planet, developing an ownable brand purpose that transforms the problem into part of the solution. Our narrative – Building A World That Breathes – positioned Partanna as the pioneer of an entirely new “Gray Carbon” vertical, sitting alongside our blue oceans and green forests.
The brand, visual identity and customer experience we created reflected the notion of breathing. From a distinct font that breathes in and out, to the creation of a carbon credit currency that grows with every breath the building takes.

We launched the brand at COP27 through a partnership with The Bahamas, a country taking the toll of the climate crisis, where Partanna are building the first carbon negative housing community for those who need it most.
Global media coverage from CNN Business, CNBC, The Guardian and leading industry titles such as Construction News.
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