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Helping Britain to commit to another 50 years of progress at Pride.
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In Summer 2022, Stonewall wanted to mark 50 years of Pride – but to do so whilst healing the divisive media narrative around LGBTQ+ rights that has been on the increase in recent years. 

Stonewall conducted a survey that showed 7/10 people in the UK support equal rights for all LGBTQ+ individuals. But many of these people rarely speak out about their support, because they assume that equality has already been reached, or they don’t know how to share their support in an appropriate way.
We wanted to celebrate the positive story of the huge support in the UK for equal rights by asking people who might usually stay silent during Pride to show that they are allies. 

We explored ideas of what else Brits take pride in, and found that, whilst national pride is at an all-time low, 73% of people feel pride in their local community.
So we developed Take Pride as a localised call to action for people to express the pride they take in their local LGBTQ+ community and allies. 

We created a symbol for the campaign that merged Pride symbolism with an upbeat, action-oriented logo that anybody could adopt. 

And provided sticker packs to local businesses so that they could show their support within their own communities. 
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