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The Gut Stuff
Fighting for a world where discussing gut health is no longer a taboo.
The microbiomes in our stomach have been called our second brain. And we’re only just scratching the surface of how important gut health is–affecting everything from how we respond to illness, to our mental and emotional health.

But too often this important science is dry and inaccessible. The world needed a brand to change this. We were brought on as an early stage partner to help build and grow it.

Led by the fantastic Mac Twins, this is the first brand that makes gut health digestible. With advice that’s accessible, yet credible. Simple, yet sound. Empowering, yet entertaining.
The Gut Stuff hasn’t become a trailblazing brand without breaking a few rules. So we decided to smash through this one to raise awareness at street level.
The result was a hyperlocal out-of-home bus stop campaign that caught the attention of London during lockdown, inspired by the Bristol Stool Chart medical aid.
 Over the course of a few weeks, we drove huge awareness of The Gut Stuff and gut health. The Gut Stuff’s website shot up in traffic, and their store on Shopify saw an increased revenue.
We helped build the brand from scratch around this mission to democratise healthy eating. With serialised video, pop-up Supper Clubs and daily social interaction amongst a growing community of converts. All of which has led to a wave of media coverage for the brand and its mission. And the gut times have only just begun.
4 products in three major retailers in 12 months.
£10 million PR return from a £10k campaign investment.
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