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We Are Jane
Fighting for a world where everyone is in control of their own body.
In light of a pivotal case in the US which could overturn Roe vs Wade, the 50 year old constitutional right to abortion, digital health provider Favor wanted to take action.

We were asked to create an advocacy platform that moved the needle on reproductive rights and showed that Favor were a long term ally to women and people who menstruate.
We knew that the overturning of Roe vs Wade was likely, and it’s effect would ripple beyond abortion alone. The future healthcare of over 50% of the population was at risk, and many people would be left severely under-resourced. Our goal was to turn a negative ripple effect into a positive one.
In the 1960s, the Jane collective was an underground movement supporting the right to an abortion. To bring their energy slap back into the modern day we created We Are Jane, a shared identity standing for the reproductive futures of people who menstruate. In order to build our We Are Jane collective, we first needed to fill the knowledge gap on what was happening.
OOH placement was used to put the facts in the hands of those worst affected.
We partnered with influencers to highlight the sexist hypocrisy of the ruling.
And we gave people the routes to action through a centralised hub: those who needing birth control could get emergency contraception and those wanting to join the movement could take a stand as a Jane. 

We Are Jane managed to move many of the 1 in 4 menstruating people that have an abortion before the age of 45. It offered strength through shared experience. And hope in alliance, organization and action.
5200% spike in emergency contraception on Favor since the ruling.
2.5m OOH impressions in that states where it mattered most.
49% increase in brand loyalty. 
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