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Sep 01, 2023
Mary Min
The next revolution is… in Fandom.
Can you believe it’s been a couple of weeks since records were broken and millions of fans tuned in online or were ticket holders at the stadiums to watch the Women’s World Cup finals?
To remind us of its sheer scale:
Over 1.9 million fans turned up at the stadiums for the 2023 tournament, which broke its previous record of 1.35 million during the 2015 games.

BBC One and ITV had a combined peak viewership of over 14.4 million for the finals.

Spain had its highest TV audience for women’s football, with a peak of 7.4 million viewers.
What can brands do to continue the momentum and show up authentically in years to come?

What stories/narratives are crucial to document for this moment in women’s football?

When honouring the fandom’s culture and spirit, what is the relationship dynamic between brands and fans?

Are there any moments that, as brands, we could bring in the fan’s voice to help inform decision-making?
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