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Apr 20, 2023
Olly Lawder
On the Record: April 2023
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This month we wanted to look back at some of the work surrounding International Woman’s Day and question how we can think about this important issue all year long.
63.5% of women in Spain say they feel judged for feeding their babies in public. And a baby’s cry is arguably one of the hardest sounds to ignore – we are hard-wired as humans to respond. This is why it was the perfect way for NGO Teta & Teta to draw attention to the fight for breast positivity.

The brand recently unveiled a hyperrealistic statue of a crying baby outside of the Reina Sofia Museum Square in Madrid which is programmed to cry 24/7 until legal change regarding public breastfeeding is achieved.

Installations like this show the important role NGOs can play to draw attention to issues, change attitudes, create public outrage and demand for policy change.

Find out more here.
At Mars, they are helping women reach their full potential
International Women’s Day marked a day for MARS to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. But with only 20% of global board seats held by women, gender equality in the workforce is still far away (22 years, to be exact).

As a part of our long-term purpose partnership, Revolt is helping MARS to work towards ‘a world where society is inclusive’ through internal diversity commitments and measurement, associate programs like the #HereToBeHeard campaign, and outreach within supplier communities.

This recap video showcases MARS’ progress towards Gender Equality and commitment to future programs that create a world where all women inside and beyond MARS can reach their full potential. In our experience, programs like these take decades to achieve impact – so it’s important to celebrate the successes achieved along the way.

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In Canada, a bra supports change, one shade at a time
Black and brown skin is underrepresented across many areas, but none is more life-threatening than medicine. In Canada, members of minority ethnic groups are less likely to be screened for and diagnosed with breast cancer until it’s too late (ctvnews,2023).

To tackle this issue,  the Canadian intimate wear brand Love & Nudes created the world’s first-ever breast cancer detection tool specifically for black women: highlighting what the 3 most common physical symptoms of breast cancer can look and feel like on various shades of melanated skin.

The brand also launched the “Stage Zero Petition” alongside the collection to create policy pressure to lower the breast cancer screening age to 40. When innovation and advocacy go hand in hand, brands can open the door for both wider understanding and structural change too.

Find out more here.
The next revolution is caring
Each month we’ll dive into a topic we think is an important next step for businesses to consider within their purpose strategy. Our first focus explores how care in all its forms should be considered.

60% of people at some point in their lives will hold a position as a carer for loved ones. The pandemic caused caring responsibilities to skyrocket around the world, shifting responsibility to younger generations with 60% of new caregivers either Gen Z or Millennials.

The new face of caring is young, progressive, and demanding that employers better conform to their expectations of a just and equitable workplace. But they also fear retribution with half of 18 to 34-year-old caregivers worldwide saying it has negatively impacted their long-term career goals (52%). This pressure is felt keenly in China, where ‘Care for the Elderly’ ranked #1 out of 50 issues in our Causes that Count report, and in the UK where the issue ranked 4th and 5 million carers across the country are unpaid.

Read the full article here.
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