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Feb 05, 2024
Esme Smith
On the Record: January 2024
Welcome back to On the Record – our monthly roundup of all things Purpose
2024 is set to be a year of change. As elections dominate, conflict escalates and the climate changes, brands need to be clear on where consumers’ heads are at. In this special edition newsletter we introduce our ‘Causes That Count’ Report, a toolkit to finding an impact area that actually matters. Plus, learn why another Revolt announcement is shaking up the industry.
In Causes That Count, find what actually matters to consumers.
At Revolt, we believe that brands can grow and develop through a clear and distinct purpose by addressing the most important issues facing people and the environment. But when the world feels up against it on every front, where do you begin?

To give businesses a head start on identifying the key issues that matter most to consumers, we conduct a yearly survey of 5,000 people across five different global markets, and rank the top 50 issues in our “Causes That Count Index”.

This Index provides businesses with the ideal tool to connect with their consumers. Discover the causes that are climbing in consumer consciousness, those that are waning and those that are being pushed out. Here you’ll find a purpose encyclopaedia for anyone in the marketing space, whether you’re a creative inspiring change or a brand looking to lead the purpose charge.

Find out more here.
In global markets, a picture of stabilisation and surprise.
After a year shaped by rising inflation and a growing cost of living crisis across many countries, we’ve seen high ranking social causes that paint a picture of populations under strain. Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness is the number one issue in every country we surveyed, except China where it comes second to Climate Change. Intriguingly, China, India and Brazil have all seen a steep climb in the importance of Work-Life Balance suggesting that, while times may be hard, many are feeling that they have little more to give and others are coping well enough to seek a more rounded life.

Whilst social and economic issues have risen to the fore, brands should not forget Climate Change has held its rank as a top five most important issue to consumers. It means messages in this space can be potent, especially when marketers drive home the tangible effects of environmental degradation on consumer lives.

Brand leaders have to think carefully about how to respond to these causes in a way that is credible, believable, and impactful. If you need help along the way, reach out to Revolt. It’s what we do day in, day out. 

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In the search for differentiation, ‘Colliding Causes’ offer new opportunities.
This year, we’ve switched things up with a new addition to our ‘Causes That Count’ Report.

In the “Converging Causes” chapter we delve into the intersections between seemingly distant causes. Our goal is to show how purpose practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of our changing world, spot ‘white space’ opportunities for their brands to create impact or simply anticipate future developments in the causes they are committed to.

In “Young, Trans and Homeless” for example, we explore how a generation of young transgender individuals are struggling to build a stable foundation for their lives. Here, our highest ranking issue – Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness – intersects with our lowest ranking issue – Sexuality and Gender Identity Rights – in a piece that offers hope for broadening the appeal of marginal issues.

By digging into the areas where two causes intersect, practitioners can find underserved areas of need and unique ways to show up and create impact in the world.

Find out more here
The Next Revolution is…a bigger and better Revolt!
We’re seeing purpose marketing move from start-up to scale up. From siloed tick-boxing to business priority. But this journey of transformation is difficult to navigate. 47% of sustainability change efforts fail (as opposed to 20% of all change efforts).

Too many ESG investments lose meaning and tangibility in jargon fueled decks. Too much communication is greenwashing in the absence of credible, scalable positive impact. And too few initiatives are integrating business actions with the compelling branding that ensures they endure.

The complexity of sustainability can be challenging, and the traditional consultancy and agency model is weakening clients’ capacity to adapt.

So we’re changing things up.

We’re pleased to announce that Revolt is merging with Anthesis, the largest group of dedicated sustainability professionals globally.

Aligned as B-Corps, the collective force of Revolt and Anthesis will activate and guide clients from the broken and unsustainable models of the old era, beyond a purely compliance agenda and mindset, and towards purposeful, sustainable value creation opportunities.

To read more about what this means for our evolving offer, click here.

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